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Full tutorial of Final Cut Pro X. Completely redesigned and developed from zero, allows a very fast workflow that involves a new way of working. The course caters for the beginner and also for the most demanding professional who needs to learn how to use each tool and function…. Read all
Final Cut Pro X Tutorial
What is Audio Mastering? How can we interpret the levels? Do we use Stereo or Stem mastering? Why use the M/S? How do you prepare a work session? Which plug-ins are useful and which are not? What is meant by “loudness war”? In this course you’ll find the answer to these and many other questions, as well as a practical work method, supported by concrete examples..... Read all
Mastering Tutorial -- New!
The course is composed by 8 lessons. The educational path starts with the discovery of new general functions, until you get to deal with complex subjects, such as audio rhythmic correction made by Flex-time, audio quantization to preserve the phase of the multi-track recordings............ Read all
Logic Pro 9 Tutorial- Update<br/>
First lessons explain all the basic functionality of the program including instructions for setting the audio and midi card. You will learn to know...... Read all
Logic Pro 8 Tutorial<br/>
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